When you?re preparing for the holidays and what your family will do while the kids are off school, you might like to know what kinds of winter recess camp 2020 offers.

Even though the days are colder and shorter than usual, there?s no reason that your kids need to stay indoors for the entire month, glued to their devices. There are camp experiences for kids of all ages and dispositions. Children interested in the fine arts might want to go to art camp.

Other kids might be interested in science camps. Your child might enjoy a performing arts camp. However, families in Los Angeles have the unique opportunity to enjoy one of LA parents? favorite day camps: the winter camp offered by the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics!


Top School Holiday Camp

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is on hand again to offer a winter break camp for four weeks, between December 21, 2020 and January 8, 2021. This camp offers full-day and morning-only options for parents with flexible schedules. Early care begins at 8 am, and we also offer late care from 3 pm to 6 pm sharp for an additional hourly fee.

Our camp has two three-hour activity sessions. The morning session is always dedicated to gymnastics using our exceptional range of equipment and instructed by our team of world-class gymnastics coaches. The afternoon session is reserved for activities including dance and games. Lunch happens between 12 and 1 pm.

Campers are responsible for their own lunches and snacks, although we provided coolers, refrigerators, a small snack shop, and a vending machine for campers. We also offer a hot lunch, comprising of cheese pizza and fruit juice, for an additional fee. You can also establish an account for your child at our snack shop so that they don?t have to carry cash.


Best Winter Camp in Los Angeles

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics? winter camp program caters to kids from 2 to 15 years old.

Children between the ages of 2 and 4 are eligible for our Kiddy Camp option, while 5-12 year olds can join our Day Camp and 13-15-year-olds qualify for our Teen Camp.

Depending on their age group, your children will be able to participate in rhythmic gymnastics, tumbling, and trampoline activities.

However, regardless of age, your child will enjoy a varied and engaging curriculum of activities. Our camp welcomes children of all proficiency levels with gymnastics.

Whether they have five years of experience behind them or have never seen the inside of a gym before, we can find a place for them and help them improve on their skills.

A Winter Day Camp for Budding Athletes

Why choose Los Angeles School of Gymnastics? winter camp? There are many valid reasons.

  • Physical Development: Gymnastics is one of the best activities a child can participate in to improve their overall proficiency in athletics. It improves their strength, fitness, flexibility, coordination, balance, and agility. What?s more, the positive association between achievements in gymnastics (and the fun of doing it) will encourage your child to continue exercising and pursuing fitness.
  • Mental development: Gymnastics also encourages the development of valuable mental skills such as focus, goal setting, listening and following directions, concentration, and visualization. As your child masters each level of these skills, they will be able to set goals and learn more advanced skills. This positive feedback loop of achievement and progress can be an encouraging avenue for children who may be struggling to find motivation in a traditional classroom environment.
  • Emotional development: While gymnastics is fun and adventurous, it can also be challenging at times. Overcoming fear and building confidence in order to attempt new skills and gain mastery over them is a regular feature of gymnastics class and one that is eminently transferable to other parts of a child?s life. After all, if your child can overcome their fear and develop the confidence necessary to attempt vaulting over a horse, they can surely do the same to speak in front of their class. Stress management is another kind of emotional tool that children who participate in gymnastics hone. By overcoming the minor stresses, you might encounter in a gymnastics class, children develop the resilience necessary to endure and triumph over more significant sources of stress (such as standardized tests). You are essentially inoculating them against stress.

Gymnastics is one of the few forms of youth sport where children aren?t regularly pitted against each other. The problem with competitive sport is that so often it?s a zero-sum game: for someone to win, someone else has to lose.

Repeated exposure to failure can demoralize young children who are not psychologically prepared to deal with it. Rather than risk the negative emotions associated with failure again, too many children opt to avoid competitive sports. 

With the lack of non-competitive sports available for children to participate in, this often effectively means that these children stop engaging in sports entirely: an attitude that has negative consequences for a child?s fitness and general health.

It also serves to further expand the skill gap between ?sporty? children and children less inclined towards sports, making it harder for children who have rejected sport to reimmerse themselves. 

Recreational gymnastics is an opportunity to bridge that gap. Gymnastics helps every child to experience success as they achieve new goals and improve upon their previous showings. This results in improvements in self-esteem, fostering of cooperative and empathic skills between participants, leading to healthy social bonds and friendships. The lack of direct competition means that the main force to be overcome is the gymnast?s own inability: an adversary that can usually be defeated through diligence and good training.

LA School of Gymnastics? Credentials


We have been providing gymnastics classes and day and summer camps for kids for over 40 years. All of our coaches are certified by USA Gymnastics and have completed OSHA Infant and CPR courses. Of our 21 coaching staff, 10 are former professional athletes or possess a Master?s Degree in Physical Education, Anatomy, and Physiology. They come from over 14 countries, bringing a wealth of experience and varied approaches to coaching gymnastics. For the four weeks of school break that the camp runs, your child will receive the benefit of learning gymnastics from coaches that have trained internationally successful gymnasts. 

Our center is highly regarded across the nation, with our long history of success in gymnastics and fitness instruction. In our more than four decades in business, we?ve contributed to the fitness and athletic potential of more than a million families.

As well as gymnastics, our center has space available for ballet, yoga, and dance classes, with hardwood floors and abundant mirrors. Our center is the largest dedicated gymnastics facility in the state, with abundant apparatus for all kinds of gymnastics, trampolining, parkour, and dance. We even have a rock climbing wall. Our three 3,000ft spring tumbling floors, full-size trampolines, multiple beam bar stations, spotting belts, and foam-filled pit ensure that there will never be a dull day at our winter camp. Your child may enjoy camp so much that they want to continue their education in gymnastics once back at school. Los Angeles School of Gymnastics offers a broad curriculum of classes for gymnasts of all ages and ability levels, as well as specialist classes in slacklining, cheer, trampolining and tumbling, and parkour. We even offer homeschooling classes.

If you?d like to sign up for our winter break camp 2020, you can use our online form. To learn more and make inquiries, please call us today on (310) 204-1980.

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