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Our intermediate class helps increase the skill level required to learn level 2-3. Your child will expand to a 1 1/2 hour class with longer rotations with equipment and more strength and flexibility conditioning to attain skills with safety is held first.

Boys intermediate classes become a bit longer to help with the increased skill level required to learn intermediate-level gymnastics.

Enrollment in intermediate classes is by instructor invitation/evaluation only.

Classes become 90 minutes and expand to include a more extended warm-up (to work on direction taking skills), longer rotations on equipment and a bit more strength and flexibility conditioning to help attain skills while safety is held as the priority in all of the programs.

These classes focus on USA Gymnastics (governing body of gymnastics in the United States) levels 2-3 while these classes are grouped with all males and instructed by a USA Gymnastics safety-certified Men?s Gymnastics specialist. 

Skills are evaluated at the end of each 8-week session to track progression and advancement.

Students in the intermediate classes are highly encouraged to attend two times per week.

Intermediate classes are the final recreational program for boys before moving to the Boys Pre-Team preparatory groups.

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