What is slacklining?

Slacklining is a relatively new sport consisting in the act of balancing along with a narrow, flexible and dynamic piece of webbing (think about a rope and a trampoline together) which is anchored between two points (trees, poles,..).


The slackline tension can be adjusted to suit the user, and different type of webbing can be used to achieve a variety of feats.

Slacklining can be traced back to climbing camps in Yosemite during the mid-seventies. Climbers would stay there for weeks blazing new roots and in their time on the ground, they began rigging climbing ropes to walk across.

They found that the activity improved their core strength, balance and movement for climbing, and it was fun!

From then on the sport has expanded very much, and different avenues have branched off of it, the main of which are:


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Lesson 1

Theory: what is slacklining, different kind of slacklining, competitions, webbing, vocabulary, history, benefit of the sport, safety)

Warm up on floor Practice: mounting on the slackline, first steps/walking the slackline (depending on students level will adapt the challenge)

Static trick: Turn around the line, Single

Drop Knee 

Cool down stretch

Detensioning slacklines

Lesson 2

Review of lesson 1, Q&A

Warm up (on the floor and on slackline)

Theory: concentration, focus, team building

Practice: dividing students into 3 teams, each teammate crosses the slackline without falling (helping with hands is ok), walking backwards, walking blind.

Review Single Drop Knee; 

Introducing Foot plant;

Lesson 3

Review of previous lesson, Q&A

Warm up


Beginners = Single Drop Knee, Foot Plant, Knee Balance, Buddha sit. 

- Intermediate = Vertical Jump, Forward Jump 

Cool off stretch 

Review benefits of slacklining

Lesson 4

Review of previous lessons, Q&A

Warm up (add Drop Knee walk both sides warm up, and similar)

Review of all tricks learned till now

Theory/Practice: team building -> exercise battle: 2 students on the slackline at same time, practice feeling other person slackline vibrations. Resistance, focus.

Practice: double drop knee, buddha

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