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Why Parents Prefer to Enroll Their Kids at Los Angeles School of Gymnastics


When it comes to choosing the right gymnastics school for their child/children, parents usually consider some important factors before they enroll their son/daughter, including the affordability and the quality of the programs that are being offered and the proximity of the school. These are just a few, important factors that parents want from a gymnastics school before enrolling their child. But what makes Los Angeles School of Gymnastics the premier choice of LA parents? In this blog, we cover the reasons why parents choose the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics and why they refer us to their family and friends.


Strong Reputation To Communities That We Serve

Since it was founded in 1975, Los Angeles School of Gymnastics have taught and molded thousands of young students and helped them reach their ultimate goal; compete in State, Regional competitions and move on to compete in the Olympics. Many of our former students have qualified to compete in the coming Olympics.


Our Staff And Coaches Are Committed To Our Students? Success

We understand that in order for our students to be successful in this sport, they need all the support from everyone including our staff and coaches. Our staff is working round the clock to make sure that every parent and student?s needs are met. Our coaches are very hands-on to all our students and they want to bring the best out of them. We have monthly parents-to-coaches meeting covering topics related to the development of each student and any concerns they may have.


?The Proximity Of Our School

LA School of Gymnastics is located in the heart of Culver City. Our students live either in Culver or in neighboring cities such as Inglewood, Marina Del Rey, Venice, Playa Del Rey, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and other parts of central and west Los Angeles. These communities are very diverse and parents are very passionate about sports, especially gymnastics. Commute to our school is just a few minutes away and there are several easy access points to public transportation.


Quality And Affordable Programs

When it comes to enrolling their child/children to gymnastics, parents? number one concern is the price of the program. Here at LA School of Gymnastics, we offer the best and most affordable gymnastics programs in all of LA. We believe that parents shouldn?t have to spend hundreds of dollars to support their kids? aspirations.


We Are Active On Social Media

Parents love that we are active on social media because it is another way of communication where they can learn more about our programs, reach us whenever they have questions, and get more information.

If you are ready to enroll your child/children, we can be reached by filling out this form http://bit.ly/LASGContactUs or you can call us at 310-204-1980. You can also message us on Facebook or Instagram to inquire about our programs.

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