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The Benefits of Rhythmic Gymnastics Classes in Los Angeles


Rhythmic Gymnastics as a whole.

Rhythmic gymnastics is one of the most unique and beautiful Olympic Sports, but the benefits associated with this intensive activity begin long before a participant becomes an Olympian. By involving your daughter in the art of rhythmic gymnastics, she will gain so much more than physical flexibility and coordination. The combination of group learning and individual attention will provide unmatched benefits for the growth of your daughter ? both physically and spiritually.

The body

Rhythmic gymnastics combines aspects from complicated gymnastics, dance, and ballet. And then add a ribbon, ball, hoop, rope, or club to the mix.

 To say this sport is physically challenging is an understatement ? rhythmic gymnasts learn extreme balance & posture, muscle building, and flexibility.

The group

The collaborative group aspect of rhythmic gymnastics provides a solid foundation in team skills, friendship, encouragement, and leadership.

Additionally, if your daughter takes interest in one day competing, early exposure to this group environment is crucial in learning how to navigate competitive situations with empathy, tact, and confidence.

The mind

Rhythmic gymnasts learn to be highly creative and expressive, as this sport is so much more than a sport. The performativity aspect teaches a girl to be confident, dedicated, and precise. At LA School of Gymnastics, we also integrate the philosophy behind rhythmic gymnastics into our lesson plans. This way, the girls may get a well-rounded, holistic view of the sport and learn what it truly means. This activity is highly thought-provoking, artful, and beautiful.

The master

For highly technical and meticulous activities like rhythmic gymnastics, it?s important to learn from the best. At LA School of Gymnastics, we provide just that. Highly qualified gymnasts that have Master?s Degrees and years of experience lead our classes. Not only do our teachers know the physicality behind rhythmic gymnastics ? they also know the philosophy. They are able to adequately prepare these young women for the mental effort involved in the sport.

If you?re ready to give your high-energy, creative child the opportunity to truly express herself in an environment of equal parts art and athleticism ? give us a call today.

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