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The Benefits of Gymnastics In and Outside of the Gym


Improves Academic Success

Recent research demonstrates how gymnastics complements a students outstanding academic life outside of the gym. There exists a strong and direct correlation between students who participated in gymnastics programs and performing exceptionally well in academics. Studies show that children learn cognitive skills more effectively in an environment that includes the body as well as the mind (Barrett, 1998). LASG is home to numerous after school and weekend classes that accompany a student?s busy schedule that begin at beginner?s level for all ages up to Olympic caliber training. 

Builds Mental Toughness and Self Confidence

The progression that different levels of gymnastics programs offered at LA School of Gymnastics build strong character traits in gymnasts including increased levels of self-confidence, significantly higher degrees of mental toughness from professionally evaluated classes that are the perfect level for any gymnast, strengthens determination, and develops a standard of courage that can only be earned from rigorous and rewarded practice. LASG encourages all students to learn from their failures. Covered in mats wall-to-wall, a gymnast will learn what it means to fail and become stronger.


Participating in gymnastics has countless benefits and can help any gymnast become both a better athlete and an even better individual. A report published in National Wellness Week indicated that physical exercise, such as gymnastics is associated with decreasing the risk of depression and its symptoms in athletes. Additionally, athletes are often at risk to gateway, misused prescribed drugs that can lead them down a path of drug addiction.

LA School of Gymnastics recognizes these areas in an athlete?s life that can help them become better parts of their community.

Starting by launching the all new L.A.A.A.P program, geared towards rehabilitating at-risk youth through FREE gymnastics classes for all who qualify. 

Led by leaders of the gymnastics and youth rehabilitation industry in Southern California, the revolutionary L.A.A.A.P program is guaranteed to provide countless number of youth in the LA community with a unique and groundbreaking opportunity to better themselves and their community. You can register for the new L.A.A.AP. online today a laaap.com.

Gymnastics is Not Just For Kids!

LASG offers the opportunity for aspiring gymnasts of all ages to achieve success within and outside of the facility.

Checkout all of LA School of Gymnastics award-winning adult classes here, and RSVP on MeetUp today by clicking here! 

Studies show that gymnastics improves gymnasts of all ages in their social skills, fitness and health, and work ethic.

LASG?s adult classes are a great and unique way to break away from the boring gym routine, meet new people, and get a full body workout to stay in shape.

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