The week of the Thanksgiving holiday is approaching, and LA schools will be on break. Wondering what to do with your kids while you're at work or preparing for a family feast? Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is ready to help. Join our Thanksgiving Week Camp program.


Benefits of joining our Thanksgiving week camp

There are so many benefits to your kids participating in gymnastics camp.

Firstly, it's a great opportunity to meet other children and make friends. Working together on new physical challenges and striving to improve their skills together is a great bonding activity that can build confidence and children's social skills alike.

Of course, there are also the physical benefits of children practicing gymnastics: better aerobic fitness, increased strength and flexibility, improved motor skills, and more physical dexterity.

These skills are transferable to other physical pastimes and sports, and will stand your child in good stead if they continue their pursuit of gymnastics after the camp.

November 23-25, 27, 2020

Our leading Thanksgiving week camp break in Los Angeles is practically guaranteed to give your child the time of their life! We have a range of activities and games that will keep your child busy and entertained during their Thanksgiving break.

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