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Special Needs Program At LASG!


The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is laying the foundation for Special Needs programs in the Los Angeles area. While always striving to be the best, The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics offers nationally recognized special education programs for students with disabilities.

Our unique training methods at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics aid special needs students in their rehabilitation and encourages them to be social while striving for something bigger than themselves. It emphasizes the sensations that these students feel through their Gymnastics practice which is called ?Sensory Diet? he approaches his training through body sensations.

?Each child perceives their environment through sensations, they move, look, and hear their world?. This training provides ?just the right challenge? to kids and facilitates the development of children and teenagers. Gymnastics is used as a backdrop to provide fulfilling life experiences for every child.

The biggest challenge with special needs children is to develop their interest in the sport of Gymnastics. The child needs to first be interested in something they have no reference for, this takes lots of time and patience from our director. Working with special needs kids is a rewarding experience for Darryl who has been teaching the sport of gymnastics for over 23 years and has a true love for the sport and for the children.

Some of the available resources for our special needs program are designed for maximum involvement. Some of these resources include ropes, foam pits, spring floors incline mats and more. With all this equipment at their disposal, the child is able to register his/her sensory stimuli and accomplish something basic.

These skills are also long term and can eventually improve the child?s sense of self-esteem and competence among their peers. Whether it is at school or out and about, these lessons can be taken anywhere in life. Most special needs kids don?t receive the attention and positive reinforcement they need to live satisfying lives, gymnastics is an outlet that encourages kids to be active and participate in a physical level.

Here at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics, we strive to provide each special needs kids the attention they need and usually don?t receive while trying to develop skills they can keep for the rest of their lives. We strive to give these kids a fulfilling childhood and a sense of greatness!

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