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Socially Distant Gymnastics Classes in Los Angeles


Are you looking for socially distant gymnastics classes in Los Angeles? The COVID-19 pandemic necessitates changes in the way we do everything, from grocery shopping to eating out to gymnastics classes. Gyms and gymnastic schools across the country are taking the pandemic very seriously, and taking all reasonable steps to reopen gymnastics classes safely. Los Angeles School of Gymnastics understands that parents want to be sure that their children are not exposed to unacceptable levels of risk. That?s why our reopening plans include measures to practice social distancing as much as possible in these circumstances.

Staying Active While Socially Distancing

With the majority of California?s schools staying closed in the fall, particularly in Los Angeles County, families are going to be facing the issue of how to keep their kids active at home without Phys Ed classes. Exercise is critical for good physical and mental health, and with pandemic conditions in Los Angeles being what they are, every little helps. While adults need 150 minutes of exercise a week, it?s recommended that children between 6 and 17 do 60 minutes of exercise a day, with a weekly routine that includes:

  • Aerobic exercise, such as bicycle riding, swimming, martial arts, or gymnastics.
  • Muscle-strengthening exercises, such as weight training (or for younger children, tug of war, cartwheels, and crab walks).
  • Bone-strengthening exercises, such as hopscotch, running, or basketball.

Gymnastics is also beneficial for bone and strength training.

Gymnastics Classes During the Lockdown

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is offering fitness programming during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have invested a great deal in protecting our staff and customers and have devised many protective measures.

  • Students line up outside the building, spaced apart, so as not to come into each other?s personal space.
  • When entering the building, parent and child approach together, and are ushered in one at a time. For students old enough to be safely dropped off, we recommend drop in classes.
  • All students will be prompted to use hand sanitizer prior to class, and periodic breaks for hand washing with antibacterial soap will be taken.
  • Staff will be wearing masks and gloves at all times. Staff will guide by verbal instructions only.
  • Parents will be able to live stream fitness classes using our Spot TV service.
  • Our class sizes are limited for our indoor space, with six-foot spacing denoted by tape markings.
  • Staff will sanitize equipment before and after classes, and overnight as well. EPA-registered disinfectant will be used on hard surfaces, and color-safe bleach spray and steam cleaning used on soft surfaces.
  • We offer distanced classes in our astroturfed outdoor space, in addition.

At times such as this, when many people are feeling anxious about their family?s safety, and unsure how to explain the situation to their children, safely-administered gymnastics lessons are a great activity that kids can join to build confidence and get the exercise their growing bodies need. Learn more about our indoor and outdoor gymnastics classes? precautionary measures and how to sign up for safe gymnastics classes in Los Angeles. Classes for adults and children are available. For maximum peace of mind, we offer private gymnastics lessons in addition to our regularly scheduled classes. For those who want to work out at home but still hone their gymnastics skills, we offer Zoom classes, with a monthly subscription giving you unlimited access. Alternatively, for those of you whose schedules don?t coincide with our Zoom classes, you can make use of our official YouTube gymnastics videos for at-home training in English or Spanish.

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