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Ring In Spring With Our Spring Break Day Camp 2020


Is your kid looking for a challenging activity during spring break this year? If so, why not enroll them in our Spring Break Day Camp 2020! Los Angeles School of Gymnastics? annual spring camp is a fun event for kids of all ages, from pre-K on up. Our spring camp offers numerous benefits to attendees, including:

  • Constructive, character-forming activities that don?t involve a TV or cell phone screen
  • Opportunities to engage with all-new groups of peers
  • The chance to practice old skills or develop new ones

Our Spring Break Day Camp will take place from March 16 to April 17, 2020, and offer a wide range of specialty programs that will appeal to kids of all ages and skill levels. Your kid can hone their gymnastics skills with us in the state?s largest dedicated gymnastics training facility, or explore activities like karate, cheerleading, power tumbling, trampoline, or rhythmic gymnastics. Each activity provides multiple benefits for body, mind, and soul and will enhance your child?s personal and academic development.

For example, power tumbling and trampoline will help your kid develop acrobatic skills, balance skills, and personal confidence. With our expansive trampoline bed and regulation competition floors, we make the safety of each of our students a high priority and thrive on providing a firm foundation in gymnastics and cheerleading technique. If your kid prefers to take karate classes, they will benefit from solid self-defense training that will both empower them to protect themselves and teach them how to evade conflict and physical altercations.

In addition to gymnastics instruction, we offer our Spring Break Day Camp participants the chance to participate in recreational and creative expression activities as well. Your kid will enjoy the chance to play a range of age-appropriate games that will teach them teamwork and collaboration. They will also have the opportunity to participate in an arts and crafts program that will enhance their creative and intellectual development.

Our spring camp is structured to meet the wide variety of needs that our families have for child care. Whether you simply need a half-day program or a full-day schedule with extended care for work mornings or evenings, we?ve got you covered. Your kid can choose a 9AM-12PM schedule with lunch break included, or a full-day program that continues until 3PM. For a small additional fee, they can get care from 8AM to 9AM, or enjoy a late-care program until 6PM complete with coloring books, movies and cartoons.

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics has been offering summer camps since its inception, over 45 years ago.

Whether your kid is an experienced gymnast or a kiddie camp beginner, we will strive to offer them the best and most engaging camp experience possible. 

Our coaches are some of the best-trained and most professional instructors in Los Angeles. Coming from over 14 countries, they are drawn by LASG?s top-notch reputation and often hold advanced degrees or multiple competitive awards and distinctions. We?ve launched the careers of more than one Olympic gymnast and do our best to nurture every child?s potential.

Want to know more about our Spring Break Day Camp 2020? Contact us at (310) 204-1980, or check out our website at https://lagymnastics.com/spring-camp/

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