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Preschool Gymnastics: Advantages of Getting a Jumpstart


Like most skills, both academically and non-academically, getting a head start on learning the fundamentals while in preschool is always a good idea. Building a strong foundation early on is crucial in setting up a child for success. Gymnastics is no different. By taking preschool gymnastics, young students can learn early movements that will prepare them for future classes that will build on these principles. Namely, they will gain exposure to tumbling, bars, beam, and mini-vault (with age-appropriate equipment, of course!) This gradual, easy movement and socialization makes preschool gymnastics a wonderful option for getting toddlers out and active.

First and foremost, preschool gymnastics is pretty stinking fun!

At toddler-age, the most important thing for children is to stay creatively stimulated. They should have fun! This is the prime age to encourage learning and growing in a fun, supportive environment. Preschool gymnastics is a beautiful, unique way for a child to have fun with other toddlers of the same age.

It helps develop essential cognitive skills.

In addition to having fun, gymnastics requires an equal use of the mind and body. Through this, the child will begin to learn how to memorize certain movements and string them together into a routine.

The mind and body are inextricably linked, and gymnastics is able to offer a tangible environment to learn this in.

It supports growing bones.

Gymnastics is a weight-bearing activity which helps to build strong bones and reduce any breakage. At a young age, this is especially important.

It builds muscle strength.

Even the simplest gymnastics routines require strength and stamina. By starting off a child early in this capacity, they are able to grow stronger and more stable muscles.

It establishes coordination and flexibility.

By learning healthy alignment and working on achieving certain poses, children are able to work on coordination and flexibility. These two physical aspects are important for both mental and physical development.

It forms self-esteem.

Gymnastics is challenging ? for any age! By conquering tasks in a supportive environment with other children, kids are able to build self-esteem as well as the concept of team-building and friendship.

At LA School of Gymnastics, we offer preschool gymnastics classes in which boys and girls ages 3-4 years are able to participate in a group class with a specialized instructor (without a parent!) Through this, we believe children can thrive in a supportive environment and build a foundation for continued learning and success. Find out more today!

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