National Gymnastics Day


Session 5 began on August 8th, and will continue through October 2nd. Its not too late to get involved with classes here at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics!

The Olympics may be over, but on September 17th it?s:


Don?t forget to celebrate the incredible sport of gymnastics by signing up for classes, you or your kids will love it! Just click the picture below or the big words above to easily go through many of our classes and programs.


Early sign up will begin September 19th and go through September 24th, in case you wanted to wait until after school to get started back up. And why not invite your friends? Give yourself and another parent the opportunity to enjoy Culver City?s beautiful and Downtown while your children are watched by our PROFESSIONAL, CERTIFIED, SAFETY-TRAINED coaches.

Guess who made it into the finals of Mommy Poppins Best of LA in 2016 competition? It starts with Los Angeles, and it?s a school of gymnastics. Click our well deserved badge below to find out who it was!

The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics beat out countless other gymnastics facility to make it into the finals for this prestigious award. It could have been our many Olympian and National Championship coaches, and it could have been the heart and dedication we put into gymnastics and our service. The world may never know, but you probably do.

If you have any online shopping to do before the Fall school season starts, Amazon is THE place to get that done. So easy to forget about since you never pass one on the way to work, or to dropping the kids off, but since Amazon has less overhead since they have less employees, you get a lot of that extra dough.

AND when you shop through the link above, you help support our non-profit organization because Amazon cares about small business. Unlike some of the other big corporate stores.

Olympic medalist and Coach Yefim Furman at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

The Olympics were amazing this year. Specifically, the wonder-woman Simone Biles was exceptional.

Team USA brought home a lot of medals, but unfortunately none were in rhythmic gymnastics which began Friday of last week.

It was an amazing performance, but if you didn?t get your fill of rhythmic gymnastics mark your calenders.

Some of the greatest athletes in the country and in the world will join together to compete in rhythmic gymnastics using clubs, hoops, ropes, balls, ribbons and performing in floor exercises. It will be a spectacle, a work of smooth motion that is magical.

To see an example of rhythmic gymnastics in action, watch this video of the Rio Olympic Gymnastics Gala below:

Our All Star Cheer team is AMAZING and we just held tryouts.

Our teams constantly compete at the national and international level, and many go on to cheer for their colleges. Looking for the right program for your daughter? This might be it!

Did you miss tryouts? Remain Calm. You can schedule a Private Tryout with JoAnn, our cheer instructor.

A form of ice skating is something you may not have known we were involved in. Ice skating invovles the grace and magnificence of floating smoothly over flat ice, leaving only a faint trail carved in the ice to hint at the beauty that once stood there.

There is a class we offer here at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics that replicates those incredible motions found in ice skating with the slight change in the amount of ice. You will learn routines similar to the smooth moves you learn in a rhythmic gymnastics class, but this class is performed on rollerblades.

Taught by one of our amazing coaches, who has been a professional rhythmic gymnastics coach, a professional dance coach, and a professional figure skater herself.

Or call us at: (310) 204-1980

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