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Fashion is very important for gymnasts! Not only does the right outfit have to fit and feel good, it also has to look good! There are lots of things to consider when trying to find the right gymnastics outfit: the fabric, the style, the design, the fit, the measurements, the cut and much more! Most importantly, you have to feel good in the outfit you are wearing because it will give you the confidence to strut and be fabulous while you are out there demonstrating your greatness. First you must determine the right fit for your leotard. For training leotards, you can get one with a little more wiggle room but competition leotards should be snug and perfectly designed for your body. Make sure that competition leotards aren?t too restrictive, you want to be able to move freely when you are doing your routine. Another thing to consider when choosing leotards are the sleeves. There are three types of sleeve options for leotards: long sleeve, three-quarter length sleeves, and sleeveless. Make sure you choose the perfect option for your gymnast and don?t forget to take into consideration the weather and the comfort of the sleeve style. Another thing to consider is the style of the Leotard back. Some options are cami-straps, key-hole, wide-open, or racer. When picking a leotard it is important to look at the back so that you can determine the correct undergarments to wear. The backing also gives the young gymnast great style options and the opportunity for stylistic expression.

Another thing to consider when choosing a Leotard is the fabric. Metallic, lycra, nylon and velvet are some of the fabric options for leotards. Each of these different fabrics have there pros and cons and it is important to get a feel for which fabric works best for your little gymnast and which one won?t be too itchy. Lastly, make sure you get all the right measurements: chest, waist, hip, inseam, and girth! These parts of the body need to fit perfectly into the leotard so that the leotard moves with the gymnast and also looks good. Unitards are great option for boys and younger girls.

We offer plenty of leotard styles at the Los Angeles School for Gymnastics. Our leotards are a perfect option for your young gymnast! We also have plenty of other attire such as sweaters, t shirts, unitards, and shorts for everyday wear. We love our little gymnasts!

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