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Level 2 Championship OC Gym Costa Mesa


Coach Ita Villa and Coach Marena Sldryan headed to the level 2 Gymnastics Championship taking place at the OC Gym in Costa Mesa, California last Sunday October 19.

They headed to the championship with five exceptional girls who only received training for about three hours a week.

Meaning their sessions were only an hour and a half twice a week, all other training was done by the girls in their own free time.

 These girls include Emily Braer, Leila Falker, Alexandria Kozicki, Daniela Petran and Brianna Zweig.

This group of girls who only received limited training impressed both coaches and parents alike. 

This group of girls has been trained by Coach Ita and Coach Marena from the beginning, and have been developing their skills at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics.

Parents and coaches alike are impressed at the hard work and determination these girls have put into their gymnastics training. 

Coach Ita says? it was fun and exciting seeing these girls be so passionate at a young age?. She also stated the cooperation between parents, students and coaches made everything easier. 

This kind of cooperation is important for the girls? gymnastic development and it is crucial for their success in the sport. We look forward for more competitions, and seeing more progress from these exceptional girls.

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