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LASG Meet the Gymnast: Frankie Silver


Frankie Silver is a 26-year-old dancer currently enrolled in classes here at LASG. Having just recently moved to LA from NYC, it didn?t take Frankie very long to find his place at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics! Read below for a brief, fun interview that LASG did with Frankie about his experience at LASG and his pursuits in Los Angeles!

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics: So you are from New York City. When did you come to LA?

Frankie Silver: Two weeks ago!

LASG: How did you find out about the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics?

FS: I had a friend that went here and recommended it highly. As soon as I got out here I went on Google and searched for it. It was the first thing that came up and it had the best reviews, the facility looked great. And classes every day so it was convenient for me.

LASG: Did you practice gymnastics back in New York before you moved to LA? In college or high school?

FS: Never actually. I grew up dancing. And then I started training in New York City for about five years. Before that, I was actually with the Royal Ballet of London for about a year and a half. I did the Ailey (Alvin Ailey) Extension class for one summer.

LASG: So if you aren?t a gymnast per se, what are you using your training here at LASG for exactly? Just trying to keep in shape, or do you have a specific goal in mind?

FS: Definitely trying to keep in shape! It?s always a GREAT workout here. But at the moment I?m working on a music video, which is high in acro and dance, lots of tricks. Back in New York, it was all classical ballet, Broadway, I did a little bit of Broadway dancing on Mamma Mia, but out here it?s all commercial, with music videos and things that aren?t accessible in New York.

LASG: Can you tell us what music video you?re training for?

FS: It?s still under wraps right now but be on the lookout for Frankie Silver in the future!

@LAgymnastics Next time my legs will be straight!

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