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LA School of Gymnastics Kicks Off Its 2015 Gymnastics Day Summer Camps with Celebrity Gymnasts


Los Angeles School of Gymnastics began its award-winning 2015 Summer Gymnastics Day Camps with a burst of excitement last week including the Kiddy Camp, Day Camp, Teen Camp, Day Camps, and an incredible Tumbling Clinic taught by LASG?s own celebrity coaches Yefim Furman and Hallie Mossett!

5th Degree Black Belt Karate teacher, Sensei Dan taught campers the basics of ?No Contact? introduction to beginning Karate and hip-hop coach Diana Odajyan who ripped up the floor with her students. Not to mention campers experience 3 hours daily of top-tier coaching and gymnastics everyday from 9 A.M. to 12 P.M. followed by gourmet lunch options that include organic catering from Ingallina?s Sandwich Shop. This amazing experience, from receiving instruction in gymnastics, karate, hip-hop, swimming, creative arts, and physical education, is one of the highest quality camps in Los Angeles, as voted by the LA Times.

Yefim Furman assists a student in a round off back handspring.

The Tumbling Clinic focused on various basic and advanced skill such as Back handsprings Cartwheels, Roundoffs, and layouts. Internationally acclaimed and Olympic Coach Yefim Furman is no stranger to coaching any advanced of gymnastics.

Referred to as ?The Godfather? by many in the sport, Yefim has coached many of the sport?s greatest athletes of all time.His earned places in both the 1984 and 1992 Olympic Games.

Those he has worked with include Olympic Champions Tim Dagget, Chris Walker, Scott Keswick, Chaney Umprey and Steve McCain among many others. On top of all of this, Yefim himself is an Olympic champion, having claimed silver at the 1972 games. Yefim will continue to share his invaluable experience and  teach classes at LASG during the 2015 Summer classes.

LASG Legend Hallie Mossett with a student.

LASG also is proudly home to two-year USA National Team member, two-time Pac-12 Freshman of the Week, and two all-around wins in 2014 in Division 1 collegiate gymnastics Hallie Mossett.

Hallie returned home last week to share her experience as one of the nation?s top collegiate gymnasts with LASG?s students and to coach the Tumbling Clinic alongside Yefim.

Thank you to LASG Alumni gymnast, UCLA PAC 12 Champion, Collegiate Athlete of the Year, Hallie Mossett for visiting her home at LASG to train and mentor students for the Tumbling Clinic for the launch of the Summer Camp.

Register for more amazing gymnastics camps!

This summer, LASG will continue to host numerous classes and clinics for all ages and levels as a part of the 2015 Summer Camp that will ruin until August 28th.

You can register for Summer Camp here and special events such as upcoming camps, classes, and a variety of year-round classes and new programs such as the highly anticipated Rhythmic Gymnastics Hyper Flexibility Class, Slacklining, and much more at lagymnastics.com! Follow LA School of Gymnastics on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram for more updates on Los Angeles School of Gymnastics.

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