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LA Gymnastics Halloween Sleepover


Is your child a huge fan of Halloween? Are you looking for the perfect way to celebrate this spooky holiday?

For most parents, Halloween is a time of extreme stress and pressure. Trying to give your child the perfect Halloween experience can be a massive headache. From shopping for the perfect costume to stocking up on chocolate and candy for trick-or-treaters to leaving work early to shepherd the kids around the neighborhood before the sun goes down, Halloween preparations can take weeks to complete.

You want everybody to have a Halloween to remember, but frankly you?d prefer it if you didn?t need to log 5 hours of sleep a night until it is over. And that?s not to mention your kids. If Halloween is important to you, it?s a world-changing event for your little ones.

More than likely, they look forward to it all year and start asking you questions about it months in advance. They gossip about it with their friends at school, dream about different costume options, and relish the chocolate and candy for weeks after the big day.

The pressure is on for you to make Halloween an event that they will tell their spouses about years from now.

How can you make sure your child will have a Halloween to remember? L.A. School of Gymnastics has the perfect solution to your Halloween holiday woes.

For a thrilling Halloween, sign your child up for the L.A. Gymnastics Halloween Spook-takular Sleepover, happening from October 28-29, 2017. This all-inclusive party will give your child such amazing memories that she?ll be raving about it months later.

Let L.A. Gymnastics solve all your holiday woes and do the hard work for you!

The fun starts at 8PM with a Halloween party that will captivate your child with nonstop action. She?ll enjoy dance and gymnastics classes with her friends that will be a continuation of the great classes she takes every week at L.A. Gymnastics already. The kids will follow that with an exciting costume contest and prizes.

Your kid will be talking for weeks about the creativity and resourcefulness she plans to display in her costume ? give her a chance to show her stuff!

There?ll be plenty of chocolate and candy for everybody to eat and take home, letting you skip the stressful and tiring trick-or-treating that you?re forced to endure every year.

As well, there will be a huge pizza party with plenty of tasty pizza for all the kids! Pizza is a crowd favorite, so what better and more festive way to celebrate Halloween?

Finally, when the party ends, there will be a mass sleepover in the gym and a morning snack for the kids when they go on their way the next day.

Your kid can choose to attend the entire sleepover event, or, if she prefers, can simply go for the nighttime party, which will be held from 8PM to midnight on October 28.

Only children ages 6 and above can attend the sleepover; the party is open to children ages 3 and above.

Tickets for the event cost $50 for the first child in every family, $40 for every child thereafter.

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