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How to have the best Summer Ever!


Summer is coming up fast and it is time to start planning the best summer ever! We know being out of school gives kids a lot of free time and that time should be spent having a blast, learning new skills, exercising their mind, exercising their body, creating lasting memories, soaking in the sun and just being a kid.
Our gymnastics camp is the perfect opportunity for kids to participate in a structured sport environment where they will have the opportunity to learn new gymnastics tricks while also perfecting the skills they already know.

Our gymnastics camp is filled with amazing training from Olympic-affiliated coaches who will nurture your child?s ability to perform at advanced levels. Our gymnastics camp also includes visiting our local pool for recreational swimming because what is summer without soaking in the sun.

Our summer camp is also a great opportunity for your son or daughter to creating lasting friendships with other kids who enjoy gymnastics just as much as they do. We will also spend time doing arts and crafts, karate, dancing, and playing games. Our award-winning gymnastics camp is sure to be the highlight of your kid?s summer!

It will keep them highly active and motivated to stay healthy and fit. Summer 2017 is going to be awesome!

Gymnastics camp is a great opportunity for kids who love to run, jump, play, and be active. We encourage all parents to plan creative, outdoorsy, and fun activities that they will remember forever.

In addition to gymnastics camp, we want to provide you with some more awesome summer ideas and activities.

Summer is all about cold treats and delicious recipes.

Try to find a great recipe that you and your kids can make together.

It is always fun to take yummy fruits like watermelon and pineapples and make frozen treats such as Popsicle, slushies, and sorbets.

Your kids will enjoy helping you in the kitchen and they will also enjoy eating their creations.

Nutella cool whip popsicles, slushy strawberry lemonade, raspberry lemonade Slurpee, and homemade snow cones are all treats that you and your family are sure to enjoy.

If you can?t find any recipes that fit your taste buds, then make your own recipes and be sure to write them down so you can remember the awesome creations you and your kids cooked up!

Bring out all the flavors and foods you love and encourage your kids to make whatever their hearts? desire.

Help them create a book of their own recipes so they can remember all the amazing things they created. Encourage them to give their creations silly names!

Another way to make this summer the best summer ever is to create family fun nights. Family fun night can consist of game night, movie night, out on the town night, camping, barbecues, or adventure night.

Family fun night can be anything creative and adventurous that you and your kids love to do. Another great idea is to create themes for your family fun night. For example, backyard movie night is a great way to spruce up classic movie nights.

Get a projector and turn movie night into something you?ve never done before.

Pack your favorite treats, blankets, pillows and pick a movie that everyone will enjoy and this will be a movie night to remember.

Make some ?smores and tell the kids to invite their friends, this will be a memory that they will never forget.

Have your child choose 2-3 books that they are interested in reading over the Summer!

Make sure they stick with it and don?t give up on reading! Ask them about the books they chose and engage in what they are interested in! 

If they choose a book about Outer Space, then plan a trip to the California Science Center or to see a real rocket ship.

Engage with them and ask them questions about the book so that they will stay interested.

Make a Summer Bucket List so that you can make sure that you pack in loads of fun and do everything you planned to make Summer 2017 great!

For more awesome summer ideas, check out our Pinterest board. We packed it with loads of bucket list ideas, recipes, activities, experiments, reading lists, crafts, and much much more!

Happy Summer Planning.

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