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How Rhythmic Gymnastics Can Improve Your Life


As the premier facility for gymnastics instruction in Los Angeles, LASG offers a range of activities that can enhance the lives of its students. From the pommel horse to trampolining, from swimming to arts and crafts, LASG students benefit from programs that increase their discipline, cognition, endurance and focus.

One of the sports that LASG offers which can be most beneficial to students is rhythmic gymnastics. What is rhythmic gymnastics? Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport in which acrobatic and calisthenic routines are performed on a floor mat, much like a professional dance performance. In fact, a rhythmic gymnastics routine is basically a dance routine that incorporates acrobatic elements like cartwheels and flips.

In addition to dance-like routines, rhythmic gymnastics is distinguished by its use of props. Rhythmic gymnasts use props like hoops, ribbons and balls to enhance their floor routines. During a given move, they might toss a ball in the air, balance a hoop on their foot, or swing a ribbon tied to a stick. Such performances are often visually stunning and a joy to watch.Why should an LASG student study rhythmic gymnastics? In addition to the obvious physical benefits, rhythmic gymnastics offers mental and lifestyle benefits too. Want to know what some of these benefits are? Read on for a short list of the many positive effects of studying rhythmic gymnastics.

Improves Your Musicality

Are you an amateur or professional musician? Looking to improve as a public speaker, singer or performer? Learning rhythmic gymnastics can be a great way to improve your sense of musicality, whether it be rhythm, tone or fluidity. Rhythmic gymnastics routines are usually performed to the sound of floor music, which can come from many different musical genres. Losing yourself in movement can help your appreciation of music grow, as well as your sense of self-expression.

Improves Your Health

In addition to other benefits, doing rhythmic gymnastics will definitely improve your fitness level. Besides benefitting your cardiovascular health, routines will help develop your muscular strength, flexibility and hand-eye coordination. By staying fit and trim through studying this sport, you can avoid common diseases like obesity and diabetes as well.

Improves Coordination

Rhythmic gymnastics is a whole-body sport which engages the brain as well as the muscles. As a result, your coordination, balance and precision as an athlete are strongly enhanced through this sport. In fact, if you ever choose to take up another sports activity, your rhythmic gymnastics experience will be a significant asset.

Improves Self-Esteem

If you?re looking for an easy and fun way to build your self-esteem, rhythmic gymnastics may be the perfect answer. For example, the skills needed to master this expressive sport are easy to develop. When working with a ribbon, for instance, a simple flick of the wrist will create a hypnotizing arc in the air. Seeing quick progress in your training will definitely make you feel better about yourself. 

Enhances Social Intelligence

As a sport that involves lots of teamwork and social interaction, rhythmic gymnastics is fantastic for helping people develop their social skills. Planning and rehearsing the average floor routine requires you to work closely with your group mates to create different sequences. On a day-to-day basis, these interactions help you become comfortable with interpersonal communication, which can help you professionally and personally.

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