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Give Your Daughter An Advantage With Beginners Girls? Gymnastics!


On October 19 2014, Los Angeles School of Gymnastics? coach headed down to the Rustic Canyon Recreation Center in Santa Monica California, to take part of the Fundraising event be. Looking for a fantastic after-school activity for your daughter? Why not enroll her in L.A. School of Gymnastics? beginners girls? gymnastics classes! Appropriate for all school-age girls, our beginners gymnastics classes are a great way to introduce your daughter to the rigors of athletic sports. With our help, she?ll learn a variety of skills that will assist her in every area of her life.nefiting the Canyon Charter School.

Gymnastics is a high-skill sport that demands tremendous discipline, hard work, focus and dedication. It demands a considerable amount of training as well, which makes it essential that the sport be taught by licensed instructors.

While some girls excel at the sport and go on to become competitive gymnasts, many others get tremendous benefits from simple recreational practice. In fact, enrolling your girl in gymnastics can help her socially, academically and emotionally.

What kinds of benefits can your daughter expect from enrolling in beginners gymnastics classes at LASG?

Well, for one thing, she will begin to develop the mental tenacity that often results from participating in athletic sports. Learning gymnastics routines often requires that a girl practice a skill again and again until it is mastered, and that she maintain a regular daily practice of stretching and calisthenics. These activities allow a girl to develop as a gymnast and an athlete.

Such activities will build your daughter?s stamina and endurance and also help her develop a sense of self-reliance and independence.

Through the regular practice of discipline, she?ll develop the capacity to tackle challenging situations and persevere through difficult tasks. This can provide girls with a competitive advantage that will allow them to excel in other areas of their lives, including the academic arena.

The social benefits of gymnastics training are considerable as well. By taking classes, your daughter will learn the importance of team play, which will help her throughout her academic and professional career.

Learning to listen, follow directions, take advice and be respectful during class will help her develop a positive attitude towards authority, which is a tremendously important life skill. Through these efforts, your daughter can become warmer and more agreeable and charming.

Recreational girls? gymnastics classes at LASG are based on a comprehensive developmental program, based on USA Gymnastics guidelines for Level 1 girls? gymnastics training. Our classes are taught by fully-qualified, award-winning instructors and emphasize proper training technique. We teach a number of disciplines, including bars, beam, vault, floor exercise, flexibility training, strength training and more! Each class is designed to engage your child in a fun and progressive environment, with an emphasis on safety and proper training methods for injury prevention.

For more information, feel free to give us a call at (310) 204-1980. Don?t hesitate! Call us today and find out how our classes can revolutionize your daughter?s future.

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