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Enhance Your Film, TV Or Photo Projects With Gymnastics Production Rentals


Filming a movie or television show and need some realistic-looking gymnastics equipment? Shooting a photo project and want to showcase a young gymnast in her element? For producers, film professionals and photographers that want to create a perfect gymnastic setting for their shoots, L.A. School of Gymnastics offers equipment rentals for productions of all sizes.

Our gymnastics production rentals are perfect for production companies who are looking for a wide range of high-caliber gymnastics equipment. In addition, we offer our facility and a top-quality team of professional-level gymnasts to be rented for any TV, film or photo project you desire. L.A. School of Gymnastics is the industry leader in production rentals for superior-quality gymnastics equipment, consulting, movie/TV production sets, props and trained gymnasts.

We offer top-notch service to production companies looking for equipment rentals, with a lightning-fast rental turnover time of 24 hours or less. That means that in under 24 hours, you can be picking up your gymnastics equipment rentals at our facility – no questions asked. While our prices do not include labor or transportation costs, you?re guaranteed to get a good deal for your money – something that can?t be said about every rental company.

Don?t know where to start planning your production?

We?ll handle every one of your production needs, from the walkthrough, to budget negotiations with line producers, to safety recommendations for equipment on your production set or ours, to choosing technicians that can lead your team in the proper set-up, strike and management of equipment for the benefit of your shoot.

When it comes to facility rentals, LASG stands at the forefront of the market as well. Holding a casting or call backspace? We?re the leader in planning and coordinating a wide variety of gymnastics events, from meets to performances. With our competitive rates, high-caliber spotters, safety equipment, and dedicated casting area, you?ll benefit from holding your event in a world-class Olympic-caliber facility. Enjoy partial or full-scale exclusivity of our facility, depending on your needs.

Curious about what kinds of equipment we offer?We boast a comprehensive range of inventory items that span from balance beams to tumble mats – and everything in between. From women?s parallel bars to men?s vaults, we?ve got just what you need for your shoot or event. Items we offer include:

  • High-quality sound system
  • Boom box
  • Parallel bars and hi-bars
  • Trampolines
  • Pommel horse
  • Ultra domes
  • Balance beams
  • Spring boards
  • Chalk towers
  • Carpet rolls
  • Climbing ropes
  • Tumble mats

If you?re interested in renting equipment for a production or event, DO NOT DELAY – our production rentals for equipment and our services are in HIGH DEMAND. Please contact us to review our in-stock items available for production rentals or sales. To call and speak with one of our industry experts, contact us via phone at 310-204-1980 or e-mail at info@lagymnastics.com.

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