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Don?t let this Winter Break go to Waste


Winter break is coming up fast and your children will be out of school for two whole weeks. You?re probably wondering what they?re going to be up to. If you enroll them in a Winter Break Gymnastics Camp, they will keep busy while also learning a fun, new skill. At Winter Break Gymnastics Camp they will learn discipline, fitness skills and begin their journey to the Olympics! Even more, they will get a chance to meet other athletes who might become their friends for the rest of their lives. Winter Break camp at LA School of Gymnastics will help keep them occupied and entertained and it will provide an opportunity for your child to learn and grow. In addition to gymnastics camp, here are some other winter break ideas and activities for you and your children to explore:

  • Assign a book for your children to read, or read a book in tandem with your child. This provides the opportunity to learn, become a better writer and stay sharp while they?re away from school.
  • Put your kids to work in the kitchen! Give your children their first cooking lessons! They will have fun learning and eating. The most important lesson to learn while cooking is safety. Teach them how to turn off the stove and other electronics?it?s better to teach your kids about kitchen safety at an early age.
  • Go no-tech and do some arts and crafts. You can cut out snowflakes from decorative paper, you can make a winter terrarium with plants such as succulents or you can make snow globes. Stimulate your child?s creativity and have some fun!
  • Charitable causes are ideal activities to participate in during all times of the year, including winter break. This is a great time to find a cause that your children can become involved with for the rest of their lives.
  • Clean out your closet and donate your clothes and other personal items to a charitable cause.
  • Hit the slopes! If your children don?t know how to ski or snowboard, or are only acquainted with one of the two, this is the time to learn.
  • Don?t let Winter Break fly by without creating great memories for your child! With gymnastics camp here at LA School of Gymnastics, along with all the other fun activities, this could be the best Winter Break ever!

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