Yummy? Thanksgiving is coming up and we can?t wait to eat! We also can?t wait for this year?s Thanksgiving Camp. School will be out so why not bring your gymnast to The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics for AM and PM Classes.

Don?t let this year?s Thanksgiving vacation go to waste. Join us for Pre-k, Parent & Me Classes, Trampoline, Cheerleading, Off-Ice Skating, Arts and Crafts, Adult Classes, Parkour, and Competition Teams.

To more information and sign up click here.

Also, the cold weather is arriving like our Winter Camp! Come Join Us! Since school is out for the holiday season, why not bring your little one to the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics to have fun tumbling, Off Ice-Skating and participating in loads of fun activities.

At Winter Camp your child will be able to have fun with their gymnastics friends while also being taught by the best! Sign up at our office!

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