Boy?s Team Judges Cup 2014!


On Sunday December 7th the los angeles School of Gymnastics Boys team attended their first competition of the 2014-2015 competitive season.Led by Coach Darryl Thompson,Manvel  These boys competed at the Studio West gymnastics center where they arrived early for the first competition of their season. 

These boys included Charlie cohen (L4) Cillian lavin(L4) Ledger Alello (L4), jayden Thomas (L4),jayden Thomas (L6),lenny Wolkind (L6) , Mason Studdyk,  Keianu Jacinto(L6) Almog Ben Tov (L5), and Jonah Rahman (L5).

This tournament differed from the rest of the competitions because it was put together by all of the Judges. This competition had scores but every child in the competition received ribbons at the end of the day.

 These boys go through rigorous training every week (about 8 hours a week) to train.

These kids show their determination to the sport everyday, sometimes coming in early for extra practice or leaving late after their class is done to gain that extra edge in their technique. Coach Darryl call his boys ?Super Soldiers of gymnastics? because they show such promise in the sport. All parents were supportive of the competition and took their kids to an early Sunday competition.

Coach Darryl and Coach Stepan have trained these boys since the start and have seen them improve through the years.

While they are proud there are lots of room for improvement and ultimately seeing them succeed in the sport of gymnastics.

The next boys team competition is The First preliminary Conference at Platinum Gymnastics 160 w. Cochran avenue Simi Valley 93065

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