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Boys Competitive Season Is Quickly Approaching!


Boys competitive season is quickly approaching! The first competition starts December 6th! This blog series will bring updates on the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics boy?s Competitive season. This Boys Gymnastics team is led by  coach Manvel Grigoryan,coach Darrel Thompson and coach Stepan Odajyan. These coaches have over 70 years gymnastics experience combined, and are veteran coaches at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics.

With the 2014-2015 competitive season approaching we want to highlight the boys of the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics. The competitive season which starts at the 18th annual Judges cup invitational.

This will eventually lead to the Conference Championships in 2015, and will bring new challenges to the team.

This competition starts off a new season, with new routines, and scoring. Some of the main goals for the team are to compete in state, regional and national championships.

The boy?s team always starts the competitive season with various responsibilities, opportunities and challenges. 8-12 hrs. per week is training, various types of conditioning, flexibility and strength training, practicing new routines, trampoline training, gymnastics technique and much more. 

On top of athletic training the boys must keep a mandatory high GPA at school, for not only is physical training important we believe that keeping a high standard in academic achievement to ensure success in all aspects of life. These are just some of the pressure the boy?s team must endure during the competition season.

In a sense these boys are super soldiers of gymnastics. Showing the fortitude, heart, character and perspectives it takes to be the best in their respected levels and age divisions.

Learning the agony of defeat and the triumph of victory in a season are the steeping stones to life and to becoming a CHAMPION. We wish all the boys competing this season good luck! Check this list for upcoming events and competitions.

Judges Cup - December 6 or December 7

1st prelim for Conference Championships - December 13-December 14


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