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Behind The Scenes at LA lights Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament of Champions


This event took place at the Veterans memorial Center in Culver City California.

Sunday January 25th was the biggest day at the LA Lights Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament of Champions. I Mynor Garcia was lucky enough to be invited to this Olympic Caliber competition. Some of the big names included Melatina Staniouta and Viktoriia Mazur .

The rhythmic gymnastics competition included all aspects of the sport with medals presented to each of the competitors in their specific division.  Later a medal was presented to the all around winner. While I walked around I noticed everything was going smoothly thanks to the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics staff. The competition and the awards ceremony were happening simultaneously so this competition was very fast paced.

While most of these gymnasts were young, there was always a great passion for the sport. Even when the routine didn?t go well, they would try their hardest and some even took it to heart shedding tears of sadness after failed routines. There were lots of tears spilled for some gymnast when their routines didn?t go well. 

Behind the scenes I witnessed some of the athletes practicing in the backstage and preparing .

Coaches were extremely supportive of their athletes, but always kept their composure as the event went on. 

The action continued through the day as different levels competed for first place, but the competitor to catch was Melitina Staniouta, who showcased her talents, and awed the crowd with her routine. The big winner for the night was Ganna Rizatdinova from the Ukraine, winning first place all around. 

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