Academy Meet and Expo!


Everyone is a champion at the Academy meet and Expo !

On November 17th 2014 the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics held its Bi annual Academy Meet and Expo. This ?everyone wins? competition allowed students of all levels to participate, and showcase their talents. Lines were out the door for this event that included athletes of all levels and ages. All coaches were present for the exhibition, and had several of their students perform. 

This expo displayed the best of LASG rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, while also showcasing different levels of Vault, bars, beam and floor routines. The showcase started around 1:30 pm, and it included host Tanya Berenson, General Manager of LASG.

Tanya kept the crowd entertained, and led various contests that kept the audience interested and engaged. Boys and Girls participated in this exhibition making it a true celebration of the sport of Gymnastics.

The crowd was excited to take part in the expo, they brought flowers, signs and other exciting cheer materials to root for their athletes. The expo included a ?best sign? contest which encouraged the crowd to be involved in more than just sitting in the sidelines during the competition. The expo featured crowd ?shout outs? that encouraged parents to reach out and wish their athletes good luck.

While coaches were busy preparing before the expo, they were all smiles when their kids performed. Coach Leonard said? I am excited to see all my students participate?.

Director Alla Svirsky said ?we set up quickly but at the end of the day everything went well. I am happy for my kids.?

All coaches were involved in multiple activities all at once, so they floor was constantly active with athletes happily displaying what they learn at LASG.

While coaches were busy leading the expo and coordinating their students, the rest of the gym staff was also hard at work making sure the Expo went as smoothly as possible. Coach Hamest said? the expo was a lot of fun as long as the kids have fun that?s all I care about?.

This expo showed how much determination kids have towards their athletic goals, and it helped boost their confidence to a new level. When asked what he thought about the competition Coach Stepan (Boys team Coach) said that it takes great patience but at the end of the day it all about having fun. . All athletes received trophies for their efforts and for their dedication to the sport.

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