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A Mother?s Complete Guide to Halloween Safety


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, child pedestrian accidents increase by 4x on Halloween. Here are a few tips for Halloween Safety from Coupon Chief.com

Mother?s Street-Savvy Safety Talk with the Children

Use the Crosswalk

Since 70% of Halloween pedestrian accidents occur outside of a crosswalk or crossing intersection, you?ll avoid much of the risk by crossing only in designated places. Use your street-crossing skills by looking left, right, then back to the left before stepping into the roadway.

Make Eye Contact with Drivers

Never assume the person driving that 2-ton machine sees you and is yielding the right-of-way to you. Look squarely at the person behind the wheel. You should see them looking back at you and maybe even motioning you to go ahead and cross. Never assume a car is stopping for you. Many won?t. They expect you to stop for them.

Put Your Phone Away

If ever there was a poor time to be out for a walk with your eyes focused on a smartphone screen, Halloween is it. Be hyper-vigilant, avoid distractions of all kinds, and be aware of your surroundings. Stay safe!

Walk, Don?t Run

It?s easy to get carried away with all the Halloween fun and start chasing one another down the street. Many pedestrian accidents on Halloween occur because a child darted out into the road from between parked cars. Even if your friends start acting wild, you don?t have to go along with them. Smart kids stay vigilant and get home safely.

Plan Your Route

Not only can you get to more houses and better-stocked houses by planning ahead, you can avoid areas where the sidewalks are in poor condition or non-existent, you can choose well-lit areas, you can minimize street crossings, you can avoid crossing or walking near railroad tracks, and you won?t have to worry about getting disoriented, then ending up in an area that?s spooky even when it isn?t Halloween.

When Running IS Appropriate

Should a driver stop and ask you to get in the car or someone on the street try to get you to go somewhere with them, that?s the time to run. Use the ?No, Go, Yell, Tell? technique: Yell ?NO!? and run away to a safe place (maybe to the friendly house you just left). Keep yelling as you run, and tell an adult immediately.

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