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2015 LA Lights Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament Of Champions Preview!


Coming from humble beginnings, The LA lights Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament of Champions, has grown to be one of the premier Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions in the world. Hosted by the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics, LA Lights has grown from having only 30 athletes, to hosting over 400 participants from over 30 countries worldwide.

Created by LASG Executive Director Alla Svirsky, this competition has come a long way from its small start over 33 years ago. The LA Lights Competition is known for having world class athletes showcase their gymnastics talent, while also giving an opportunity to a younger generation of gymnasts to compete alongside the future of Olympic Gymnastics.

2015 brings some of the fiercest competition in recent LA Lights history. LA lights features teams from USA, Sweden, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada,Mexico and many more.

This year?s competition features Names like Melitina Staniouta from Belarus, who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics.Melitina ranks #7 on the 2014 World Champion List. Another top competitor is Viktoria Mazur who closed at 18th place all around in the 2014 World Championships in Turkey.

This year the competition features the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics own Isabelle Oconnor.

Isabelle is one of LASG most promising Gymnasts. Isabelle is a member of the United States Junior Olympic team. 

Isabelle is rising through the international ranks by competing in the international junior level and working to secure a spot on the 2020 Japan Olympics. This is Connors first international competitive appearance as a level 9 Fig (Federation of International Gymnastics) a win or high placement on this competition will catapult her into the international spotlight and will pave the way for her Olympic competition journey.

LA Lights is a unique event because it features competitors from all ages. While Sunday promises to be the toughest day of the event, Friday and Saturday hold many participants who are performing in a competition of this magnitude for the first time. This is an event that allows competitors from lower levels to share the same floor with competitors of Olympic caliber. After the younger competitors can sit and watch their Gymnastic heroes perform their flawless routines. The LA Lights competition promises to be one for the books! The only question we are asking ourselves is who will take it this year?

The LA Lights Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament of Champions will take place on January 23-January 25 at the Culver City Veterans Memorial Auditorium. This Blog Posts will be followed by a behind the Scenes post coming on January 26th! Visit the competitions official website lalightsmeet.com

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